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Why you need Visistant

Using Visistant you can sell your products or services 24x7 in a personalised way and convert your unknown virtual leads into paying customers.

No App Installation

Don't bother your customer to install app. They don't have to install any new application to get into your order online or loyalty program.

Visistant features - Followers Monetization

Facebook Followers Monetization

You might have 10k+ likes/followers and you must be posting events or share posts on facebook or any other social network, but are you sure you are reaching out to your prospect customers? Using Visistant you can send personal messages to your customers via Facebook Messenger which shows 80-90% open rate.

Visistant features - 24x7 Availability

24x7 Availability

Visistant is not a human who will get tired or take a holiday, it will be available 24/7. Answer FAQs 24x7 and delight your customers with instant replies.

Build Customers' Database

Why depend on other platforms to get customers when you have access to 1.2 billion users to build your own database. Using Visistant you can build your own customers' database. You can filter and retarget customers by loyalty, previous activities, specific personal attributes like date of birth, location etc.

Discover great features

Let's talk about some of the features of our platform.

Marketing Campaign and CRM Analysis

Communicate with your customers by sending smart personalised messages. Collect customer feedback about your product or service, take followups about reservation. View reports of the all the activity from the central dashboard.


Order via Facebook and Table Order Tracking

Take orders right within the messenger bot. Save customer preferences & address for repeat orders. Process & manage the delivery orders from visistant dahsboard or even from your PoS system.

Loyalty Program

Run your loyalty program on the messenger bot for higher customer adoption. We help you with seamless integration with your existing PoS(Point of Sale System).


More and more extra great features

We like to an extra mile and over-deliver :).

Table Reservation

Table Reservation

Allow your customers to reserve the table right within the Facebook messenger. View reports, manage reservations from the dashboard. Send customised reservation confirmation & follow-up message a couple of hours before with your menu & address.

Referral Program

Visistant Table Reservation

Word-of-mouth is the biggest driver of new customers to your restaurant. Reward your customers for recommending your business to their friends by setting up a two way referral program. Analyze the report and reward your top referrers with special offers.

Complete Analytics

Visistant CRM User Analysis

Our aim is to empower you with concise information and insights to help you make better & quicker decisions to grow your business. Check reports for each events for particular date & branch.

Offers / Discounts

Visistant Offers and Discounts

Create innovative offers for your loyal customers as well an new customers.

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